Developing your Home Music Studio: A Worksheet

Every August, I invariably end up posting on this topic, because I field so many questions regarding private studio teaching throughout the summer and fall. Perhaps I should get smart and post these pieces earlier; I suspect most of us are too exhausted by the time June rolls around to make much of use of the information until August rent and electricity bills come due (I know I am)! At any rate, I hope this information is timely enough; a private studio is an ongoing adventure, so these actionable items can feed your creative spirits and business-oriented minds throughout the year!

This worksheet accompanies a series of lectures I recorded for iCadenza's Coro series two years ago but can be adjusted to fit your own experiences and environments. I am happy to answer questions as you work through this; just post below!

List all of the locations you could post a flyer advertising your studio (consider community centers, libraries, and individually list all public schools with music programs which include your specialties).

What workshops are you ready to teach in the public schools right now?

List area music teachers’ organizations along with contact information, website, and membership fees.  Put a * next to the ones you plan to join.

Finding a space
Where will you teach? List possible locations and their pros and cons, including what improvements you might need to make to any potential location. This list could include your home, area schools, churches, community centers, etc. 

Designing your syllabus/contract
 Your mission statement--please answer the following:
  1. What age levels do you prefer to teach?
  2. What ability levels do you prefer to teach?
  3. What genres can you teach?
  4. What kind of learning environment do you wish to create for your students?
  5. What are your goals for your students?
  6. List any specific pedagogical interests of certifications.
Other policies--please list the following:
  1. Payment: list acceptable forms, due dates, and late fees
  2. No-show/make-up policy
  3. Required equipment
  4. Expectations for practice (amount of time, quantitative evaluation of preparedness, etc.)
  5. Other (required attendance at performance, required number of performances given, etc.)
  6. What expectations do you have for parents?
Creating an online presence--your checklist
To do in the next four months:
    Name your studio
    Create a logo (check out Canva if you’re not a designer)
    Purchase the domain name for your studio
    Start a Facebook page
    Start a website, including
    bio: approximately one page in length, in Word document terms
    teaching philosophy: one page
    A/V: you could include video or audio recordings, pedagogical videos, photos
    studio policies
    contact information
    resources/links/articles you would like to promote
    calendar of performances/studio events
    payment page
    student accolades page