Thursday, June 27, 2019

Basic recording gear for flutists

Summer is a great time to think ahead, and many students will be making numerous recordings in the fall for honor bands, college auditions, and more. So why not go out and invest a little in some decent recording equipment now, make a bunch of experimental recordings this summer, and be ready to knock it out of the park this fall? Your iPhone is not going to get the job done for something you want to share publicly, but your last name doesn't have to be Rockefeller, either.

Hand-held recorders, built-in mic
Recommended models: H4n and above, Q2HD
Recommended models: D100 Linear PCM Recorder D Series

Microphones for use with laptops
Recommended models: Yeti, Yeti Pro, Spark Digital
(In the studio, ribbon mics are actually ideal, but too pricey for home use.)

Free recording software for laptops (Windows and Mac)
(Garageband -- Mac only)

“For a good all-around sound, start by placing the mic 2 feet in front of the flutist, positioning it halfway down the body of the instrument. Raise the mic so that it is about 6″ above the flute and angle it down so that it's pointing at the body of the flute.” - Recording Magazine Resources

A thorough article on how your flute works and how to mic it:

Best shopping sites
Musician’s Friend:

Thursday, June 13, 2019

A graded list of flute etude books available on Petrucci: college level

In my last post I shared links for etude books that are on Petrucci and appropriate for middle and high school level students (roughly ages 12-17).  Here's what I've found for college level students:

Etudes - College

Altes 26 Selected Studies
Boehm Op. 37  & Op. 26
DeLorenzo 9 Studies
Demersseman Op. 4
Donjon 8 Etudes de Salon
Dothel Flute Studies
Furstenau Op. 15
Furstenau Op. 107
Gariboldi Op. 139
Hugues Op. 75
Karg-Elert Op. 107
Kohler Op. 33
Kohler op. 75
Kummer Op. 110
Kummer Op. 129
Popp Flute School Op. 205 (vol. 2)

(Also available on Petrucci: Andersens Op. 15, 21, 30, 33, 37, 41, 60, 63)