Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wyoming All Staters, here is your video!

Holy cow, do I always look so awkward when I am giving workshops?  If you are a high school student lucky enough to live in the state of Wyoming, and if you are a bold, brave flutist looking for a new challenge, your All-State audition awaits.

Here is the music, including scales.

And here is a short video of me performing the etudes and talking briefly about areas to focus on in your practice:

Not long ago, I posted some tips for keeping things efficient and engaging in the practice room which could really come in handy.  Read them here

And remember, an audition is a snapshot in time, and it only captures how you are doing at that particular moment, the sum total of how well you prepared, as well as how you are feeling mentally and physically. Play to win, but know that if you don't get in this year, you stretched yourself as a musician by preparing as well as you could, and you will give a better audition every year if you maintain that mindset and work ethic. 

Now get out there, Cowboys!

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